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Wrestling and Psychodrama

A review of Foxcatcher

I finally got around to watching Foxcatcher this past weekend, after putting it off for so long. Honestly, when I first saw the trailer, I had little interest in it. I generally don't love the movies that Steve Carell or Channing Tatum tend to make, I'm not into wrestling at all, and the trailer just seemed confusing, not seeming to tell me anything about the movie whatsoever. 
A good friend of mine loved it, so I was thinking about giving a shot, although not actively looking for a showing at the local theater. Finally, when Carell and Mark Ruffalo both got acting nods, I decided that I'd make seeing it more of a priority. 
I have to say that while I understand why they both got nominations, I can see why the film itself didn't get the nod. It's a bit uneven in places, leaving a lot of things to imagination and subtext. The twist at the end almost seemed to come out of left field, similar to Peter Jackson's Heavenly Creatures (also based on a true story, interestingly), although there was even less build up for this ending.
I'm assuming that the story was told only from one person's point of view mostly because he's the only one still alive of the main players, but I feel like there should still have been a significant amount more build up or cause shown.
At any rate, the acting is pretty awesome, and Carell definitely deserves his nomination, although if I was a voting member of the Academy, he wouldn't receive my vote. (More on that in a later post.) 
Steve Carell plays John duPont with finesse, completely creeping me out. You never quite understand what he gets out his relationship with Mark Schultz, what's in it for him, and I'm left feeling like it's all some kind of homoerotic fantasy that never quite gets played out. 
Channing Tatum puts in a turn that shows he's got actual dramatic acting chops underneath the dance moves and comedy routines.
Mark Ruffalo's performance was good and solid, but I didn't really feel like it deserved the Oscar nod. He seemed like a pretty regular guy, normal, secure, confident, family-man. The physical aspect of it was interesting. It felt to me like the Academy decided to hand out a few acting nods when they couldn't really give out a best picture nod. The character wasn't established enough to really grab me. 
Bottom line: I'd probably give it a B-
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