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wait..... what?

what just happened??

Over the last week and a half, I have been scheduled to within an inch of my life. Between prepping for and then participating in the Jackalope craft fair this past weekend to personal- and church-related events, my usual cleaning jobs and then a 3-day temp job that requires a lot of energy, I've been exhausted.
Last week, I was focused on all the prep work and then actually participating in my first art & craft fair. It was a total blast!!! It was super-fun, but super exhausting and while I did get sleep between days, doing the whole load up the car, drive to Pasadena and set up, plus two days of actual craft fair, including something like 5 hours of non-stop rain on Saturday, was exhausting. 
The fair went decently well. I kinda broke even if you look at my gross sales numbers versus the cost of the booth, but I came up short when you add in all the other costs associated with the booth (cost of product, the tent, the shelves and my actual time). The cool thing is that I did collect a lot of email addresses to start an email list (something else I have to actually do).
I'm going to be focusing a lot of custom pet-portraits, which should be a lot of fun. I also have a list of animals that I want to do next. I'm hoping people buy what I'm making now so I can really put my time, energy and effort into getting this whole thing started.
Monday, I worked at my cleaning jobs the whole day, and it's not like it's really hard work, it's just time-consuming and I'd rather put my mind to something else. I'm hoping to quit my cleaning jobs within the next few months and just work driving for Lyft and for Postmates. 
Please pray for me!!
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