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To act to not to act

That is the question.

I have an audition today.
It's the first one I've gotten in a while because I stopped submitting myself for projects. I was only getting auditions for little student projects which are really hit or miss. It's hard to tell from a breakdown which projects are going to be any good, and who is actually going to give you a copy of your footage.  It was getting exhausting, trying to do it all. 
On top of that, I felt like I was really at a loss on how to actually get into someone else's head, when I have so little idea of what's going on in my own head.  So I decided to take some time off. 
I'm working on building my design business, drawing dogs and pets, doing bags, pillows and coffee mugs. I'm cleaning for a couple different people. I started driving for Lyft. And I'm in therapy.  
The whole thing is a bit overwhelming, and I'm still more than a little emotionally hungover from yesterday's therapy session.
I'm excited about this audition though. It's for a role in a feature film, and I got it through my agent. (Yes, I have an agent, but though I've been signed with him for close to 3 years now, this is only the 4th audition he's gotten me.) I'm definitely going to it, and I have to be there in about 40 minutes.
The question is: Is God reminding me of my dream? Is this something that I need to return to the pursuit of? Do I have the energy to give this another try? Am I ready? 
Financially, I don't know that I can really afford to go all-in on this just yet. I'm so focused on my Etsy business, that all the free time I have is going to that. I have 2 more art shows coming up this month, the first of which is this weekend. And I love doing it. The last show that I did was rainy and weird and so much fun!! 
But acting is something that's been inside me, demanding to be let out. And the more I'm in therapy, the more I'm at church, the more I trust God: the more out of myself I can become, the more I can stop caring about what other people think, the more I can stop pretending to know what I'm doing. 
I think I might be ready. Here's hoping.
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