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This is the End....

....of the week.

I'm seeing Avengers: Age of Ultron tonight at 10pm.  I know it came out last night, but I'm going with a group of friends that wanted to wait until tonight to see it. I'll probably go see it again on Saturday or Sunday with another friend, and Monday will be my official review of the film.  I have really high expectations, and I'm hoping I'm not disappointed because they're so high.
I've been slacking off a lot on my movie watching, just because I've been so busy. I'm hoping to see another movie tomorrow, so I might just do my Avengers review tomorrow. (Weekend post!! Woohoo!!) Especially since I missed 3 posts this week. 
This weekend is going to be fun though, hanging with my friend Noreen for lunch tomorrow. Doing a photo shoot with my friend Vanessa after that. Movies, church, birthday lunch, kids kingdom, and then back to Monday.
Pray for me: I'm clearly going to need it.
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