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The Persistence of Memory

What did I forget this time?

I have been super forgetful lately.  I'm having problems keeping track of what day it is.
I have an appointment with my therapist on Tuesday afternoons and last week I completely forgot that it was Tuesday. It's bizarre to me that I would forget that, mostly because I was talking about how much I think everyone should probably be in some kind of therapy with one of my Lyft passengers. If I had dropped that guy off and gone straight to my therapy appointment, I would have gotten there right on time, but instead, I picked up another fare. Megan texted me and I just thought, "Oh CRAP!!"
I think I'm just trying to juggle too many things. I literally work 9 different jobs: 4 different cleaning jobs, one tutoring job, Lyft, Postmates, my own business (currently at and acting. Granted, I've put acting on hold for a while while I deal with therapy stuff, but still...
I have been working on more designs and I'd love to be able to focus purely on my business and just do the acting on the side. I'd like to be able to get rid of all the cleaning jobs. I enjoy them to some extent (like the part where it's $20/hour), but I really feel like I should be putting my time to different use.
Right now, for example, I should probably go out and drive for Lyft. It's not even 9am, and there are a lot of rides in the mornings. I don't like driving at night because it's a lot of drunk people, or people going out for the evening or whatever, but the mornings and daytime is great.
On the other hand, I could (and probably will) stay home and finish the poodle design that I started on Monday night. It's mostly done, but because I'm using a different method than I did for the Boston Terrier Tote Bag that I finished last week, it's harder to know when it's done. (I'm doing circles instead of triangles because poodles are so fluffy!)
I also have 2 movies from Redbox, and while I watched Edge of Tomorrow last night, I should probably watch Guardians of the Galaxy this afternoon. I think I could probably watch it and work at the same time, but I'm not even sure that's true. I've already seen it 4 or 5 times, but it's a really good movie.
Technically, I don't have anything on my schedule except church tonight and hanging with a friend. So, how do I decide what I want to do for the day?
Maybe I work on an entirely new design, inspired by the movie I'm about to watch. I need to do some nerdier designs to cater to the people I relate to.
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