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The End of an Affair

How I fell out of love with the Costco rotisserie chicken.

After the huge sugar-binge of my birthday, the expected sugar crash and the headache that followed, I decided to go full-paleo for a month.
Thirty Days.
Today is day 3, and I feel like I'm doing pretty well. I'm not nearly as cranky as I expected, and other than eating the end of my split pea soup as half of my dinner last night, I haven't cheated.  
I'm doing the Whole30 which is a tough-love, no cheating, no half-way program for 30 days. I love that it's so restrictive because it give me less loopholes. I don't like that it allows dates, but I'm choosing to cut those and potatoes out as well. 
I've been eating a ton of citrus (2 grapefruits, an orange and a mandarin yesterday), but I find it more filling than a lot of other cheats.  I'm eating mostly protein, and I bought 2 of those huge things of organic eggs from Costco earlier today because they're cheap and I really love eggs.
When I went to Costco today, I expected to buy a rotisserie chicken and a bag of greens and some eggs. That's all I went in for. The only thing I got off that list was the eggs. 
Because this program is so particular (no using sweeteners of any kind: no sugar, stevia, honey, maple syrup, or anything else), I've started checking labels.  To my shock, one of the ingredients listed on the chicken is SUGAR!!  I could NOT believe it!! So rather than getting my $5 rotisserie chicken, I picked up a $22 pair of organic raw chickens. 
As soon as I got home I threw one of those chickens in my slow cooker with a handful of garlic and a lemon with salt and pepper. Four hours on high later, I had dinner. Granted, it didn't have that nice, browned skin that Costco's does, but it was super juicy and very tasty. I thought about putting it under the broiler to brown, but I was too hungry to wait. 
I've already picked all the meat off the bones and put the bones back in the slow cooker for the next 24 hours to make some bone broth.
I wish I had a dog to throw a bone to.
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