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The Big Tiny

the idea behind Exodus

I am in love with tiny homes and I have been for a while now: something like 5 or 6 years.
The problem with being in Los Angeles is there's not exactly a lot of land or space to park one. It's actually illegal to live in one in some areas in someone's yard. And forget parking it on the street without leaving your car attached to it.  The whole scheme is so complicated that I've had to rethink how I want to do this, if it's possible, or if I need to move to somewhere in the boonies.
So, I came up with this idea for a tiny house community.
I called it Exodus for a variety of reasons. The debt that keeps you tied to a standard house or even an apartment is akin to slavery and the Exodus was when God freed the Israelites from Egyptian slavery. It's also going to be an Exodus from the hectic lifestyle we all lead in the cities. Getting out of the hectic, crazy lifestyles so many of us lead and getting to a calmer, more community-focused life.
The whole plan is based on the cohousing movement, of living intentionally in community. People get together to buy property together, go through the development process together, and then live as an actual community together rather than in discrete living quarters. In the cohousing movement, people frequently have communal meals on a regular basis, spending time together, watching each others kids. It hearkens back to an older time when things were slower, when people worked out the differences rather than posting hate mail online. 
So the current idea is to find a group of people willing to go through the ringer to see this dream through to reality. 
The fruition of my dream would see a variety of tiny houses surrounding a main community building. The community building would house a large kitchen and eating area, a movie/theater room and a lounge area. The central area would lack driveways making it safe for kids to run and play, and keep smog and potentially loud vehicles to the outskirts. A community garden would provide fresh produce as well as a hobby for various residents. And the whole thing would be run on solar power. 
That's my dream.
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It's a house called the Minim, and is the design that I want to build for myself.
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