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Technical Difficulties

hiccups and laziness

Today is one of my best friends' birthday. 
That is my official excuse for not posting tonight until late. I don't have an excuse for yesterday other than that there is a problem with my post from Friday.
I typed up this long, eloquent, spiritual post on Friday and clicked "Publish." I thought it was done and ready and all that so I posted it to my Facebook page. A couple hours later, I decided that I wanted to share it again, so I went to the page to get the url, and it was gone. Not completely, but most of what I had written, my well-thought out examples, the photos and scriptures that I had found were all gone. 
Needless to say, I'm still really annoyed. I have to go back and re-type that post, but I keep thinking, "Tomorrow..."
Now, I love the host that I use for this site. It's easy to build a site, change it, edit it. They don't have a way to monetize this blog yet, but once they do, I'll jump on it so I don't have to do this in the odd few minutes I get to myself everyday when I need to be working on a new design for a skull pillow or boston terrier t-shirt.
The problem I have is because Strikingly is still relatively new (about 2.5 years old I think), and this blog option is a new thing, it gets the hiccups every once in a while. I had issues with posts not showing up right away, and now this where apparently I have to save the post manually (even though it "auto-saves" every 30 seconds or so) and then publish it. I can't just publish it right out. At least until they fix the bug, which hopefully will be soon because I don't want to start over. Again.
Since it was Shaela's birthday, we went out for sushi tonight.  Doing this Whole30 thing is really hard when the Whole30 prohibits all grains including rice. I did manage to skip the rice entirely by getting hand rolls made without rice. I did #fail by using the soy sauce (no beans on Whole30) and I'm not entirely sure what was in the cilantro sauce, but it was amazing, and I at a lot of it.
The problem with not eating the rice or edamame when you go out for sushi is that it takes a TON of fish to really fill you up. I left there restaurant still hungry because my budget couldn't have taken anymore. (Although, a friend of mine who missed my birthday 2 weeks ago was generous enough to treat me to dinner tonight as well at the birthday girl.)
Even when the restaurant offers half price sushi when you dine-in, it still adds up pretty quickly.  
Almonds and grapefruit are quickly becoming close friends of mine.
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