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Sugar Binge

Yes, I'm self-medicating.

My mom is in town, if you didn't read my last post. She's here to help me with this craft fair that I'm doing this weekend. I'm super excited about it, but it's very stressful to get ready for. 
I've said before that I'm a sugar addict, and I'm realizing where I get it from. My mom and I both have an extreme sweet-tooth and it's worse when we're under stress of any kind. It's a wonder that neither of us weigh 300 pounds or more. 
With all the stuff going on, we're both under a lot of stress and sugar is our best friend. We had breakfast at IHOP this morning (crepes for her, french toast and eggs for me), a late lunch at Shophouse, and then dessert for dinner at Sweet Lady Jane. 
SWJ just opened a new location in Encino and since it was maybe a mile away from where we had small group tonight (AD viewing party), we stopped there to relax a bit. We each ordered a dessert, and, if you didn't already know, this was a really bad idea. She ordered cherry pie which was truly beautiful, tart, not too sweet berries overflowing from the delicate crust. I ordered a slice of raspberry almond tart, which was WAY sweeter that I needed or really wanted. 
And yet...
I ate the whole thing. 
Why must I have no self control?  I think I was really hungry for dinner, and because the dessert was there, I just kept eating. I know that's really an excuse, but it's all I got.
Honestly though, I had a conversation with my mom about it, and we really are self-medicating as a relief from whatever is going on. For me, it's the financial uncertainty of working 7 very part time jobs and trying to start my own business. For my mom, it's taking care of my dad (he has a LOT of health issues and it's made him.... interesting to live with). 
I know, I really want to turn to God with every last one of my issues, my troubles, my joys, my desires, but I've been turning to sugar for so long that I don't know how to change the habit. I do pray for repentance, but that something God and I are going to have to work on.
A lot.
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