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Ramen at Daikokuya

My mom came into town today to help me with the craft fair that I'm doing this weekend in Pasadena (Jackalope Art Fair), and of course we needed dinner. We had stopped at Michaels to return a few things and to pick up some other things for the design and layout of my booth, and we decided to get some ramen from one of the restaurants on the bottom floor.  
I had been to Daikokuya once before with a girlfriend and loved it, so I knew my mom would too. She's been craving Korean and Chinese food, neither of which she can get where she is in Florida. Technically, she CAN get Chinese food, but it's Americanized and not very good. I realize that ramen is Japanese, but it's a similar flavor profile with a lot of the same influences as Korean food. 
Taking her to get ramen was a stroke of genius because she loved it. We weren't very hungry because we had had a late lunch at Tender Greens (another fave spot), so we split their specialty ramen, kotteri style. 
It's such a simple and beautiful bowl of soup. The noodles are tender, but not mushy with a nice al dente bite to them. The broth is rich and flavorful, not over salty. Considering that it's just broth, basically flavored water, it's almost creamy. The pieces of pork are truly beautiful, tender and delicious.
That's all we ate, just that one bowl of soup, split between us, and a couple glasses of water. 
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