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A Review of The 2015 Oscar-Nominated Shorts: Animated

I think I'm kinda in love with short films right now. I just saw the animated shorts that were nominated for Oscars this year, and I'm seriously contemplating seeing the live action ones right now (the show starts in 30 minutes, but I'd have to pay for it myself).  The animated program included a few additional short films because the 5 nominees all put together are still less than an hour long. 
The 5 films are just so lovely and cute and wonderful.
My favorite has to be The Dam Keeper. The story just resonated with me so much, and over the course of the 18 minute film, I cried 3 separate times. I think because I can relate to that little pig so much, with the teasing, and then feeling of betrayal that he goes through. I don't want to give a full synopsis because the film is so short, it's take me longer to write it than to watch it again. I really want to encourage you to buy it on iTunes(No, I don't get a commission, it's just a lovely piece of filmmaking.) At the very least, go see the whole group of them at a screening if you can.
The other films are very good, and I think the biggest contender is Feast. It's another lovely film, showing a puppy and his gluttony. It's really cute and made me tear up even though I had seen it before when I saw Big Hero 6. Because it's a Disney Film, it's the one most of the voters will have seen, and if I was a betting woman, I'd put money on it to win, even though I'd rather see The Dam Keeper win.
The other 3 nominated films, and the 4 other short films accompanying them were all really sweet, lovely films that were beautifully made.  The Bigger Picture is a truly unique film and looks like it was actually shot life-size in someone's house with the painting on the walls. The animation looks more like stop-motion or claymation than simple drawings on paper, and it's a really interesting movie to watch.
I love them all.
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