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so much still to do....

We are at less than 48 hours before the craft fair this weekend, and I'm still figuring out so much.
Just for fun, here's the remaining to-do list:
  • Finish planning my set-up to figure out what's actually going where in my booth.
  • Finish putting on price tags.
  • Pick up rest of product from the printer.
  • Finish drilling holes for necklace display.
  • Trade vehicles (switching my Prius for a friend's mini-van).
  • Pack up van.
  • Figure out what we're doing with all the boxes during the show (One box that held pillows is 32x24x24" - does it go under the table or back in the van?).
  • Buy more zip ties, twine and another drill bit (we broke the first 2).
  • Find a dolly.
  • Get change from the bank.
  • Figure out how to hang displays.
I'm sure there's more to do, but I think that's enough for now.
The cool part of all of this is that I'm seeing my products in a way I'm not used to seeing them. I don't physically make a lot of my stuff, but have it printed. My printer also ships for me, which is super awesome, but it means I don't really get to see my products in real life all that often. 
We picked up a bunch of stuff yesterday, all pillows and mugs, and they look so awesome!  
Check out my Boston Terrier Tote Bag on Etsy!
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