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Once Upon a Friday

The weekend is finally here!!

The thing about not having a "normal" job is that my weekends aren't really all that much different from my week days. I drive for Lyft and Postmates, I blog, I try and build my business. I DO, however, tend to go for coffee.
I love coffee.
Although, right now, I'm currently stuck with Starbucks, I am learning to feed my coffee addiction with stuff of a somewhat better quality.  
There are so many lovely independent coffee shops here in Los Angeles, and I definitely have my favorites. Literati is really close to my current apartment, but there's The Conservatory in Culver City that I love, and the Bourgeois Pig in Hollywood just has the greatest atmosphere.
Luckily, my roommate has an espresso machine, and I've been making my own americanos with some of the homemade caramel that I gave you the recipe for last month. Try it, you'll thank me.
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