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Last minute exhaustion

The Jackalope Arts and Crafts Fair is the next two days. I am exhausted.
We got a ton of things done today and yesterday, and I am so ready to go to bed right now. I still have bags that are being made, and we'll have to pick those up tomorrow during the day. I've already told my mom that she'll have to drive there to get them. 
One of my best friends started dating tonight. In my church, we do dating differently. It starts with two people building a friendship. If there's mutual interest, they each talk to the other's close friends, and then they make it official by starting dating. It sounds weird, and a little old-fashioned, but really, what's wrong with waiting and doing it God's way? Many people I know have their first kiss at the altar when they get married. But that meant that we weren't at home prepping the remainder of things, and had to do it tonight when we got back at 10:30. 
It's already after midnight, so here's a link to something cool: 
I got a t-shirt with this fractured skull on it today. 
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