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Much Ado About Nothing

I seriously have no idea what to write about today.
I haven't seen any new movies lately. I've not been to any new restaurants. I don't have any recipes that I feel particularly moved to share. I'm still watching the same shows I talked about earlier this week.
I did start a new animal portrait today, which is kinda cool. It's an elephant, and it's a new technique. It's a simple line drawing, so it should look pretty killer on a t-shirt or sweatshirt. It's not done yet, and I don't want to show you guys an image that's barely a quarter done.
I didn't follow my eating rules today and ate nothing but almonds for dinner. I had some excellent chili for lunch, followed by chocolate ice cream that wasn't even very good.
I tutored 2 students in math today, talking about triangles with each of them. 
It rained here today, which is why I think I'm in a bit of a funk. I'm grateful for the rain, but it always messes with my head.
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