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It's Purple!!

On DIY hair dye...

I finally did it.  I finally got the nerve to dye my hair purple. Or part of it anyway. 
I have wanted to dye my hair purple for a very long time, but never quite got up the courage to do it. Too crazy, too weird, too whatever. Always worried about what other people would think.
Even in college, I went a kind of magenta color from a standard box rather than one of the Manic Panic colors that many of my classmates were using. I then went black, which looked awesome. 
When I decided to go back to a more natural color, I bleached it and did it very wrong and wound up orange. It was NOT a good look for me...
Me, in Greece
Me, in Greece
I actually wanted to shave my head, but my mom convinced me to just cut it short. I don't know if that was a good idea or bad idea because as the short hair grew out, it looked like I had frosted tips, which were luckily in style, but it still was NOT a good look for me.
At any rate, I've been playing with the idea of doing purple for a long time, but it's been an especially strong urge ever since I saw Beyond the Lights (great movie, but not clean at all: read the parental guidance review).
She has the most wonderful hair in that movie, and I've wanted to do that to mine ever since I saw the movie. I mean, I look back at it and I can't do anything so drastic (not yet anyway), but I love that kind of purple fade, where her roots are still her "natural" color and then it fades to a pure purple at the bottom.
Frankly, I don't have the money to go have this done by a pro, so I got a box of purple hair dye and attempted it myself. I lifted the entire top layer of my hair and tied it into a bun, and then divided the lower half of my hair into 2 ponytails. I then did a dip-dye kind of thing and dyed just the bottom 4-5 inches of those pony tails for a kick of color, without doing my whole head.
I really like the way it turned out, although as soon as I washed it out, I wanted to go back in and do more of my hair. I might try and dye a bit more in a couple weeks. Who knows?
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