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I wish I had cancer.

A review of Still Alice

I finally found a theater that was playing Still Alice that works with my MoviePass. I was super excited to see it because Julianne Moore was nominated for an Oscar (still have to see Two Days One Night, and then I'll have seen all the acting nominees). She won the Bafta a couple days ago, and she's won all sorts of other statues for the role.
After seeing the film, I can see why so many people are lauding her. Of the films I've seen, she is my pic to win Best Actress.
The film is very hard to watch just because there is no real happy ending. There is a sort of resolution and it doesn't leave you hanging at the end, but it's about a woman with Alzheimer's disease which we have no cure for.
At the beginning of the movie, she is a very intelligent, respected teacher at Columbia University. By the end, she can barely remember her children's names. It's a total disintegration of her intellect.
One of the things that I really love about the movie is how the camera really stays with Alice (Moore) as she struggles through things, like her first appointment with the neurologist. It's fascinating to see her know she has a problem, but not wanting to concede to it.
She says at one point in the film, "I wish I had Cancer." and after watching this movie, I would rather get cancer than Alzheimer's because you remain yourself amidst the pain and suffering of Cancer. 
With diseases of the brain, you lose yourself. In Alzheimer's disease, people lose the memories that shaped them into the people that the rest of us know and love.
All I can do is pray for a cure.
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