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future belongs to the MAD

a review of Mad Max: Fury Road

I just got back from seeing Mad Max: Fury Road and I have to say that I don't think I was in quite the right frame of mind to see it. I had therapy today which always screws with my head and emotions, and I had watched this sales pitch online by this guy trying to sell his end times book. So I didn't really want to watch a post-apocalyptic extravaganza. 
That said, this movie was pretty awesome. I was at San Diego Comic Con in Hall H when the first trailer was shown, and I honestly didn't get it. I never saw the original Mel Gibson films, and had no reference for the new one. When it came out this past weekend, I really didn't feel the need to rush out and see it, other than my friend, ironically named Max, announced on Facebook (and I quote): MAD MAX HELL YA. 
When I say this movie is visually amazing, just trust me on this. Go see it in IMAX if you don't have to take out a second mortgage to do so. I read somewhere that George Miller (director) worked with 3 story board artists and produced 3500+ drawings for the film before he wrote the script. Not surprising because the most dialogue-heavy scene only has about 10 lines in it. 
The entire movie is basically one long chase scene. There's a little set-up at the beginning, but only about 7-8 minutes worth. There's not much plot except to get away from the bad guys, and then to get to the place. People die in explosions, being shot or stabbed, and one guy gets his face ripped off. There's a chainsaw, and lots of fire. 
Charlize Theron is great in this. I saw this article on a friend's Facebook page from The Mary Sue about how seeing this movie will turn you into a feminist: Incredibly Peeved Men’s Rights Activists Call for Boycott of Mad Max, Are Unintentionally Hilarious:
A+ performance, Charlize Theron. Dudes are literally terrified that you’ll act them all into becoming feminists.
-Carolyn Cox 
Tom Hardy is really awesome as the title character too. I love the depth he brings to someone who only says about 15 words throughout the film. 
I'm really not going anywhere with the whole feminism thing. That word has way too many connotations to it for me to get near it.  I really like what Charlize said:
George has this innate understanding that women are just as complex and interesting as men, and he was really interested in discovering all of that. I think through just his need and want for the truth he actually made an incredible feminist movie.
Also, apparently most of the effects were done for real, rather than CG, which explains why I liked it so much. I've become a bit of a cynic when it comes to computer generated stuff. I like it, and it's cool what they can do with it, but I can still tell the difference. And it annoys me. Mad Max, on the other hand, is mostly practical effects. And it's awesome.
I liked it.
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