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Final Countdown, Engines On

Ground Control to Major Tom

I am in the last 36 hours of prep for my next art/craft fair. It's a little more hectic this time. I mean, I love doing this, but not having my mom here is definitely throwing me off. 
My mom is an incredible woman. I look at her and she is so much of what I wish I could be. She's strong, but gentle. Pushy, but in a loving way.
I miss her terribly, but she's not here right now to keep me from getting distracted.  I don't have ADD/ADHD (I don't think), I'm just a highly intelligent, creative..... Squirrel!!
Anywho, without her here, reminding me to print labels, and stickers, and pack boxes and figure out how to get all of this into the car, I'm kind of at a loss. I've created new displays to replace the 500-lb grid walls that I used last time. (They're not really 500 pounds, but 6 of them at about 30 pounds each may as well be.) I picked up some new items that I ordered to replace ones I sold at the last fair. I bought hangers to hang onesies and pillow cases, so I can take the actual pillows out, which in turn means I have more room in my car for other stuff. I still have to figure out how to hang said hangers, but I have an idea. 
I have to figure out where to store all this stuff between shows. A place that's not my living room. 
On top of that, a girlfriend of mine got ticket to the premier of Pitch Perfect 2, so I'm going to that tomorrow night. I'm excited about it, but it's going to eat a LOT of my time.
And then it was raining earlier. I'm too cold right now to even think about checking if it still is, but that threw a wrench in my works because I had wanted to start loading the car tonight. 
If it rains on Saturday, I'm going to cry. No joke. 
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