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February? Really?

love is underrated

I can't believe that it's FEBRUARY already!! Wasn't New Year's Day only a couple days ago? Didn't I just figure out my costume for Halloween? What's going on???
When what you want is a relationship, and not a person, get a dog.
-Deb Caletti
I came to the realization yesterday that I all I really want in life is to get married and be a stay-at-home mom. I don't want a career, I don't want a job, I just want to cook and take care of my family.
So, what's the problem?
Well, I'm not dating anyone. There's not even any prospects. There is one guy that I really like, but I'm about 80% sure he isn't interested in me.
I don't think I'm even really ready to be in a relationship yet. I have trust issues and I don't let other people in. If I don't let anyone in, how am I supposed to get into a relationship in the first place?
The good news is that God is in control. He's got plans for me, and he knows the desires of my heart. He wants to give me good things, not a snake when I've asked for a fish.
I'm getting married!!!
Maybe not in the immediate future, but this is my official announcement. I'm putting it out there. I'm going to do everything in my power that will make me into the woman I need to be for my future husband. Whether he's someone I already know (and am possibly interested in), or he's someone I have yet to meet, I need to be ready. I need to be strong and courageous and do the work on myself to be able to have a healthy, functional, God-centered relationship and marriage.
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