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a review of Flu

I generally won't be doing movie review for movies that aren't brand new, but I just enjoyed this movie so much that I have to do it.  
This past weekend, I saw 3 movies. I started with Cameron Crowe's Aloha, which was a cute, slightly unpredictable film about the military and private corporations in Hawaii. It's gotten a lot of flack for being set in Hawaii, but all it's stars are white. They try to claim Emma Stone's character as being 1/4 Hawiian and half Swedish, but she doesn't pass in my book (or anyone else's apparently).  It's a decent movie, but unless you've got a MoviePass like I do, wait to RedBox it.
Sunday afternoon, I went to see San Andreas. This was a really fun movie, and I honestly really enjoyed it. Mostly.  The special effects were very cool, but their final shot of the re-formed land mass that used to be California is barely a second long. Certain aspects of the film felt rushed. I know the guy sitting next to me probably thought I was crazy because I was laughing so hard at some of the stuff that was happening (it's not an intentional comedy). I love The Rock, I think he's awesome, and the stunts he does and the action stuff is great. But honestly, he's just not a dramatic actor. I kept waiting for him to do that little eyebrow quirk of his and let us in on the joke. His character spends most of the movie worrying about his daughter (understandably), but Dwayne Johnson himself seems to be having problems relating to the character somehow. Worth seeing on the big screen for the effects.
Sunday night, after I got home from the movie my friend Monica came over to spend the night, and we decided to watch a movie together. We were planning on watching Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit because I had seen it before, so I could get ready for bed while it was on, but we got distracted by the other films in the "Race Against Time Action & Adventure" category. I came across one called Flu, which I thought was an awful title. Monica and I were laughing about it and then I noticed that Netflix thought I'd give it 4.5 stars. I'm thinking, "No way, seriously?" Then we noticed that it was a foreign film. Really?
Ok, so while we were laughing about it, we decided to give it a shot. Five minutes and then we'd turn it off. No big deal.
We got sucked in really quickly and readily watched the whole thing. The film centers around 3 people, a woman, a man and a little girl and their interactions are really well written and incredibly well acted. The little girl in this movie, played by Min-ah Park, is only about 4 or 5 when they shot this and she does a truly incredible job in this. Maybe the gloss of the foreign language makes her seem better than she is, but it's still far and away the best performance I've seen by an actor that young in a very long time.
The basic plot line is that a shipping container full of illegal immigrants shows up in Budang, a wealthy district near Seoul Korea, and it's full of people who have died from a mutated version of the Avian Flu. This new flu is easily transmitted and kills very quickly, and people across the district start dying in huge numbers resulting in a massive quarantine. The movie is long at 2 hours, but there's a consistent escalation from the beginning to the final resolution.
It was definitely worth watching, especially since it's on Netflix.
Etsy Item of the Day:
(It's like a onesie, but apparently that's a trademarked name that I can't use, much like Kleenex or Tupperware.)
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