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A review of Kingsman: The Secret Service

I have to say that I LOVED this movie up until the final moments. It was a fun reinventing of the spy-wheel. I really like origin stories in new worlds, I like exploring things that I've never seen before. While this might actually be a rehash/reimagining of all different spy movies in a lot of ways, as the characters say: "This is not that kind of movie." 
I love the way the script really cuts to the chase. I don't want to call the movie bare bones, but it definitely strips the script down to the necessary scenes: establish a character and then kill them off. There's nothing unnecessary, or done just for laughs, except possibly for the final moment. (I'll tell you about it at the end of my post: spoilers!)
Honestly the whole film is a witty, fun, tongue-in-cheek romp that pokes fun at the whole genre of spy films.
As a Christian, though, I have to put a warning on this film: It's filled to the brim with cussing (mostly the F-bomb), and has quite a lot of violence in it. Watch the trailer and you'll see what I mean. There is one naked bum right at the end of the film (see spoilers below for details)
Caution!!!  Spoilers ahead!!!
You were warned...
Not that the film wasn't predictable in it's overall pollen, but there were some things that I LOVED and one that I hated that needs a warning label.
The thing that I hated: partway through the movie, a princess is kidnapped and imprisoned. The hero, Eggsy, starts to rescue her, only to get distracted by saving the rest of the world. She promises him that if he saves her, she'll "do more than kiss" him, and if he saves the world, they'd do it in the butt. The final scene, pre-credits shows him entering her prison cell with a bottle of Champagne, and then you see her rolling over and there is a giant (and I mean filling the entire screen) shot of her butt. This bothered me more than it's bothered some of my friends, but the whole thing was just so completely unnecessary. I wish they had just implied it rather than dropping to that level. The level of cussing was grating in some instances, but overall bearable. The amount of violence was expected after seeing the trailer, and there was a whole sequence that was over-the-top in an almost cartoonish way.
Overall: close your eyes at the last scene, and enjoy the rest of the ride!
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