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A review of McFarland, USA

I had an extra couple of hours today, so what did I do? I went to see a movie with my roommate. We saw McFarland, USA, which I was completely expecting to be cheesy, but still heartwarming, and honestly, I was more right than not.
It wasn't nearly as cheesy as I was expecting, but still a bit cheesy. It's basic Disney sports movie formula. It felt a lot like Million Dollar Arm felt last year. You know the kids are going to win because they wouldn't have made a movie out of it if they hadn't.
I really like this one though because it points it's lens at the plight of the immigrant. It reminds people that their food doesn't magically show up at the grocery store, but actually grows out in a field somewhere, which means that someone has to pick it. It's not the normal "poor white kids" thing, and in fact the white kids are the privileged ones with all the perks.
OK, I'll get off my soap box. 
But the movie was pretty good, and I'd really recommend it as a family-friendly movie.
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