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A Review of Two Days, One Night

With this movie, I have finally seen every film that has an Acting Nominee in this year's Oscar race.
I really see why Marion was nominated for her work in this film. She is truly stunning in it.
The film is cinematographically similar to Birdman in that each scene is done in a single take, but where that film it's all spliced together to make the whole film look like one single take, this one is less forced about it. It feels incredibly real, almost like an extended reality TV show, but in a good way. The long takes are put together with care and the whole film feels like a peek into the lives of real, actual, living, breathing people, rather than characters in a story.
The film opens with Sandra (Marion Cotillard) attempting to shut out everything after her coworkers vote to get a bonus instead of letting her keep her job. She had been out sick for several months and the bosses discovered that the job could be done with one less person, so the boss decided to cut her job entirely and give her coworkers a nice bonus. The film takes place over the course of the weekend, starting on Monday with the boss agreeing to a new vote. It then follows Sandra as she attempts to battle her own depression and convince her coworkers to give up their bonuses so she can keep her job. 
It's a truly lovely performance, and a real contender for the Best Actress trophy (although I still think it will go to Julianne Moore). 
With no music in the film almost at all, which makes the opening and closing credits somewhat unsettling, it reminds me of a film called Caché, which does much the same. 
It's a really great movie about trying to stay motivated with the help of friends in the face of nearly certain defeat.
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