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Change of plans

Pitch Perfect 2 or Avengers

I have a dear friend who got tickets to see the world premier of Pitch Perfect 2 tonight. We had to get there at 5pm and then the red carpet was at 6:30 and the movie was at 7:30. It was a great plan....
Until we actually got there. Apparently, this was a big thing. The line had probably started to from sometime around 1pm (possibly earlier - I didn't ask the people at the very front), and by the time we got there, it was literally almost half a mile long. I'm not kidding, I just checked it versus Google Maps. 
We waited for about an hour, and then, after only moving a teeny bit, we gave up and went to see Avengers. Noreen had never seen it, and it's Marvel, so I didn't mind seeing it again.
I think I've changed my verdict on it a bit though: I'm really not loving this movie.
Ok, I still stand by my earlier review stating that I didn't like this one as much because the team is basically disintegrating. That's still true: I don't like watching things break down. I like to watch things come together, not fall apart. 
But there's other things I don't like: the opening sequence bothers me because it's so easy for them to get what they came for. There's very little legitimate fight put up to stop them. Plus the CG on the whole thing is a bit weird to me. I think the people fighting don't move white right, or they're too easy to see in the snow or something. The "Hero Shot" is a bit weird too, it's off-putting to me. 
During a later sequence, what Black Widow is wearing looks like a Tron costume, and I can't figure out where that come from.
I mean, seriously, what's up with the blue glowy strips?
And the "Lullaby"? Really? I mean, I get it, they're trying to go all Pavlovian or something with the Hulk, but it feels like a cop-out. 
I mean I loved the little romantic surprise we got, but I'm mad at the way it was left at the end of the movie. (I'm trying REALLY hard not to give spoilers right now.)
Plus Loki's not in it.
I think I would rank this one above the first Captain America movie, but definitely below the 1st and 2nd Iron Man movies. Maybe below the 3rd one, but I'm not sure.
I mean, it's still part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so it's still better than a lot of what's out there. But I also know that they can do better (see Captain America: The Winter Soldier or the original The Avengers).
I still really liked most of the plot. Especially the "Safe House."
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